We are a team of industry veterans with over $3 billion of combined development experience. 


The principles of 2nd Wave Development, Bruce Keene and Steve Sembler, have each been developing real estate for over 35 years. 2nd Wave Development represents the second venture Steve and Bruce have formed together after successfully developing multifamily projects under the name Ballast Point Communities during the 2000’s. During their careers they have developed over 18,000 multifamily units, including 1,500 multifamily units in their previous venture, Ballast Point Communities. 

We are very selective in the locations we choose, selecting areas with a strong local economy and projected population growth near a propsering metropolitan area. Careful attention is paid to enhancing the distinctive look and feel of the local area now and in the future. Because the 2nd Wave Development team is heavily involved in every step of the process, we are as thorough in mangaging the construction details of our homes as we are in all other aspects of our business. As a result, we ensure the quality and continuing value of every project we undertake.