About Us


With a deep understanding of the southeastern markets in which we operate, we carefully select each location based on its proximity to strong local economic drivers and population growth in and around prospering metropolitan areas. We add value by enhancing the local area, while also looking to the future and the role we play in shaping these communities.

The Team

Co-founded in 2017 by Bruce Keene and Mark Sembler, 2nd Wave Development represents over 45 years of experience in multifamily development and management. This is Bruce’s second venture with the Sembler family, having previously led Ballast Point Communities with Mark’s father, Steve. Together, Bruce and the Semblers have developed over 2,400 multifamily units.

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Bruce Keene

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Mark Sembler

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Alissa Sieben

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Stephen Gerhard

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Julianne Collins

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Bryan Castillo

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Lauren Sembler

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Stan Jones

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Richard K. Lendor

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Tristan Lamontagne

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Russell Gardiner

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Katie Morrissey

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Lorraine Triana Rueda

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Dana Monteleone

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Bradley Buff

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Demetrius Washington-Ellison

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Andrew J. Robbins

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Dalton Kidd

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Kiara Armengol

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Grace Motsay

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Lizaura Quinones

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Carmen Nunez